ASKFast provides software facilitating dialogues using any communication channel. We have developed a platform in the Cloud that programmers use to handle interaction with users in any way or format, reducing time to manage the response and content of the dialog.

All enterprises are facing challenges dealing with change in demand and increasing cost. The complexity of the market, infrastructure and technology drives the need to find platforms that simplify access maintaining access to all media.

Unlike competing systems, our development platform will remember the preferences of each participant, store unique characteristics, report the combined results and use historical data to improve future communications. We pride ourselves to have implemented practical Artificial Intelligence and some software robotics.

Programs can access our platform with zero hours to install, and best of all your systems will always have access to the latest technology at no additional cost. We will keep your communication channels up to date, deliver a unified experience and focus on the dialog.

Please visit our YouTube channel, and watch the 45seconds ASKFast intro on simple and effective dialogs integrated with your enterprise applications and corporate data.

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Enterprise market

  • Application lifecycle shortens
  • Demand for functionality increases
  • More and more data
  • Diversity of devices AND channels grow

Challenge: Pressure on IT Budget and Solution delivery time


  • Embrace and extend current investments
  • Unify access to platforms & channels
  • Explore advantages of new technology
  • Add intelligence

ASKFast Platform and Solution offerings

ASKFast Development platform (CPaaS)

“Global CPaaS market will grow by around 50% through 2021, by which time it will have reached $4.6 billion in annual revenue.”

Functions and Users

Implementing MultiChannel Communications is for CorporateIT
a desire, costly and complex

Our Cloud API makes it
doable, affordable and manageable.
Smart and safe.

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