ASK-Fast Mendix Modules

Easily Integrate Communication Modules Into Your Mendix Application

The benefits

  • A wide range of communication channels
  • One login for all channels and data processing tools
  • We save and index your communication in a uniform way
  • Redundant network

Are you thinking about integrating communication into your Mendix application, but think it's too much hassle to integrate all the different kinds of APIs? We have a very simple solution: the communication modules of ASK-Fast.

ASK-Fast offers developers a wide range of communication options: text messaging, calling, sending emails, and chatting. We are connected to multiple telecom providers, such as Twilio, Nexmo, CM, Fuze and others, so we have a redundant network for maximum uptime. And to make your life easy, you only need one account to get access to all the communication channels.

ASK-Fast saves and indexes your communication. Valuable conversations are no longer lost, and can always be found on our Timeline. The Timeline provides you and your users a quick overview of all phone calls, text messages, emails, and chat conversations. Zoom in on a specific conversation to see exactly who answered it and how it was handled. All call, email, and SMS details are recorded, including delays between connecting, notes made about the call, and even a complete transcript. The speech-to-text functionality of ASK-Fast is a great asset to make every conversation searchable. And let’s not forget the management information: you can generate monthly reports of your usage and costs.

Architecture of ASK-Fast

The image below explains how the architecture of ASK-Fast works.

ASK-Fast Offering

We currently offer the following modules:

  • ASK-Fast SMS: send a text to any number in the world with automatic logging
  • ASK-Fast Phone Call: set up a phone call between two numbers
  • ASK-Fast Email: send an email
  • ASK-Fast Transfer Call: set up a phone call between two numbers and transfer the call to a third number
  • ASK-Fast Two-Factor Authentication: send a dynamically generated code via email or text message for secure log-in
  • ASK-Fast Broadcast: contact your users through email, phone, and text message at the same time
  • ASK-Fast Call Recording: set up a phone call between two numbers and send an email afterwards with the recording
  • ASK-Fast Conference Call: set up a conference call between multiple numbers across the world
  • ASK-Fast Reminders (text message, call, email): remind yourself and others via a preferred channel
  • ASK-Fast Simultaneous Call: call multiple numbers until one of them takes the call
  • ASK-Fast IVR Survey: get feedback from your users in an easy and accessible way

More Modules in the Making

We are currently working on the Timeline module. Want it now? The Timeline can be found at here. We are also working on the Search module. With this module you can search in your communication history. Do you prefer certain modules, or do you have a great idea for one? Please let us know!

You can create a free account on our website to get started. And check out our modules in the Mendix AppStore!

Contact? You can send a email to or call +31 (0)10 225 0130.