About ASK-Fast

One cloud API for SMS, call, chat and email

ASK-Fast brings multiple communication channels into one single cloud API. We are connected to multiple telecom and messaging providers, so we have a redundant network for maximum uptime. You can integrate ASK-Fast in your software with our easy-to-use API. Of course, we have a pay-per-use business model.

Communication history visualised in the ASK-Fast Timeline

Valuable conversations are no longer lost, all your in- and outbound communication is visible in the Timeline. The Timeline provides you and your users a quick overview of all phone calls, text messages, emails, and chat conversations.

Zoom in on a specific conversation to see exactly who answered it and how it was handled. All details are recorded, including delays between connecting, any notes made about a call and even a complete transcript. And let’s not forget the management information: you can generate monthly reports of your usage and costs.

Easily search through your entire communication history

ASK-Fast saves and indexes your communication. ASK-Fast can even convert phone calls to text which is a great asset to make every conversation searchable. It’s possible to search in the DDR (dialog detail records, stored in our database) with keywords, phone numbers and other parameters.

Share and enrich the contact details of your customers

If you use ASK-Fast it is possible to enrich the contact details of your customers. Contact details are often spread throughout the organization. The ASK-Fast address book helps you to have one leading address book for the company. Share contact details from one department to another. We also provide tools to enrich your contact details with data from outside the organization.

All communication data is stored encrypted

Privacy and security is very important to us. That’s why all data is stored encrypted. We also have two simple rules to prevent unauthorized use:

  1. The data always belongs to the partipants of the conversation. The partipants are the only one who get access to the data.
  2. Of course sharing is possible but it requires permission from all participants.

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